Procedures for the November 7th, 2020 AARG Launch
The following procedures will be employed at the November 7th launch.  If you are unable to abide by the rules, please do not come to the launch.
-General Safety – We want to encourage the same stay-at-home mentality that we have all grown accustomed to over the past few months.  Please plan to spend most of your time near your own vehicle/tent, employ social distancing at all times, and be considerate of others present at the launch.  
_Children – Children are welcome at the launch; however, they must stay at their vehicle/tent at all times or be with a parent or guardian if away from their vehicle/tent.  
_Safety Equipment – AARG will provide safety equipment to include face coverings, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting cloths and spray.  Our supply is limited, so please bring your own supplies if possible.  Face coverings are required except when you are at your own vehicle/tent or out on recovery.
_Equipment Setup – To limit non-essential interactions, AARG is not requesting assistance with setup or tear down for this launch.
_Parking – We want additional spacing between vehicles.  Please try for a centerline to centerline distance of at least 20 feet.  If you are not able to park in the grass area, pull off the road on to the dirt area, 90° to the road (i.e., don’t parallel park on the road).
_Registration and Safety Check-in – Please practice social distancing during registration and safety check-in.  Registration and flight cards will be done verbally.  We would prefer not having to make change for launch fees, so bring exact change (launch fees for member/non-members are $5 and $7 for low power, and $7 and $10 for high power).  After safety check-in, if you are instructed to go to the pads, you can do so.  Otherwise, return to your vehicle/tent until instructed to go to the pads.  Please do not congregate in the LCO/RSO area.
_Launch Procedures – The following launch procedures will be employed:
_Safety check-in will be done verbally.  Be prepared to point out your CP/CG, your motor retainer, etc., and to answer questions related to your rocket.  The same procedure will be used for certification flights and post-inspections.
After safety check-in, you will either go to pads or return to your vehicle/tent until called to the pads.  If there is a back-up for the pads, we will try to announce who is “on deck”.  Please be ready to load your rocket when called.
Loading should be done by the minimum possible number of people.  Generally, this will be one person, but not more than the minimum number required.  Children can go to the low-power pads, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  After loading the rocket, the flier can stay in the general LCO/RSO area while their rocket is launched.